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Country Rate
USA 1p
France 1p
S.Africa 3p
China 1p
Russia 1p
Italy 1p
Australia 1p
U.A.E 15p
Japan 3p
India 1p
Turkey 1p



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Eazydial is an instant dial service, allowing you to make cheap phone calls to international destinations from the UK (from both home and mobile phones). With our service you can make huge savings on standard BT rates** ensuring low cost international calls for personal, pleasure or business use, right here, right now. Select your destination country from the drop-down below.


Calling from a Landline

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Calling using a Mobile

If you are using your mobile extensively to call abroad from the UK then you should use our new TopUpToTalkService


No fuss, no waiting! No need to open an account, register, remember PIN numbers, buy scratch cards, give credit card details or get yet another bill through the letterbox. All you need is your phone, the Eazydial access numbers from the look-up above and you are on your way to making somebody's life happy!



To find out more please read the Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ's. and Terms.



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**Costs and price comparisons assume customer is using Eazydial access number and dialling from BT landline having basic BT Together Option 1 tariff. BT apply a 10.90 pence (inc VAT) call set up fee to each call. Costs to access the low cost service may differ from your provider, so please check before making the call, as we have no control over their costs. Rates effective from 01/10/2010 and may change without prior notice. You must have the bill payers permission before calling. You are charged from time of connection to the just-dial service Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered Terms and conditions apply.


Whatever country, Austrailia, USA, Pakistan, India, China, Japan you can save money on your next phone call with eazydial


Smiling lady receiving a happy call from the low cost international service


fingers dialling the EAzydial access numbers


Businessman receiving an incoming call from a colleague using the low cost international phone calling rates


Picture of coins showing how cheap it is to use the low cost international phone call service


Picture of a man holding up the world with his index finger to reinforce the benefits of - The world at your fingertips


Group of colleagues from around the world showing how pleased they are with the low cost international rates



Our lowest Rate yet! Cheap International calls from as little as 1p per minute to over 47 destinations!!



Pakistan is or only 4p per min to call mobiles or landlines!



Reduced rate to South Africa now only 3p per min.



Call China for only 1p per minute! 




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A brief history of mobile phones





Pre-paid phones are more popular in Europe than the Far East. Samsung is a small player in the Indian market. Link to facts and figures page


We cover countries all over the world. International calls have never been so cheap

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