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Most Popular...
Country Rate
USA 1p
France 1p
S.Africa 3p
China 1p
Russia 1p
Italy 1p
Australia 1p
U.A.E 15p
Japan 3p
India 1p
Turkey 1p

Calling Internationally


How far we have come from the days of expensive calls to international countries in the UK, we have seen charges slashed to the floor - from the days it cost almost 3 per min to call the USA today where it costs from 2p per min.


There has been no better time in the UK to call a loved one or friend  in another country for pennies rather than pounds, indeed a case study would indicate that savings today to calls in Japan, Turkey and other countries are as great as 1% of the cost in the past.


Such savings we may take for granted, but these savings are not only on landline calls, there also on Mobile Calls. In the past one may be tempted to call a friend on holiday in a far off country , but then shy away at the potential cost of the call to their mobile.


Thankfully however all this has changed, calling a phone in Spain can be as little as 2p per minute, this is a massive drop from what it would have cost only a year ago.


Facts and figures on mobile phones in the UK


UK mobile phone handset sales increased by 4.1% in volume in 2006.


Total sales for 2006 were approximately 25 million units.


Camera phones represented nearly 80% of the Uk market

In terms of market share Nokia took the biggest share of the market (40%), followed by Sony (25%).



























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