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Most Popular...
Country Rate
USA 1p
France 1p
S.Africa 3p
China 1p
Russia 1p
Italy 1p
Australia 1p
U.A.E 15p
Japan 3p
India 1p
Turkey 1p


Low Cost International Calls

Making low cost International calls need not be expensive, certainly it was true a decade or so ago that calls to other countries was indeed expensive, but times change, new technology and completion have lowered the price of calls significantly.

Long distance phone calls have become cheaper due to agreements made with telecom companies benefiting the man in the street to the major companies across the UK.

The telephony revolution that lifted world off its feet today makes it more accessible for friends, family and business persons reach out to people on the other side of the world.

The biggest advantage of course with low cost calls is the savings you can make, for example calls to some countries as little as 1p per minute, where in days gone past they would have been up to 50p per minute or more.

Most international calls can be made from a handset or mobile phone, international phone calling does not tie one to any particular operator. Customers can just use any service, with the deciding factor the cost of the call and line quality.

 It only gets better it seems, with cheap calls for all now firmly considered the norm and with this advancing scenario it pays dividends to one and all

We now have 2 services:

Instant Dial - for calling international destinations from a UK landline

TopUptoTalk - for UK registered mobile phone users making long calls and wishing to pay in advance.

Click Rates for the full list of country costs and numbers.

Click Country Codes for the full list of international dialling codes.


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Become an agent and earn some money

If you are a small company, club or society, or have a large circle of friends who need to call international numbers from the UK, and interested in earning some money then contact us for further information. Serious enquiries which are successful will be provided their own set of low cost international numbers, and keep all their generated commission.

















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