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Calling from a Mobile Phone - use our TopUpToTalk service

How to use the Eazydial  Service

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Most Popular...
Country Rate
USA 1p
France 1p
S.Africa 3p
China 1p
Russia 1p
Italy 1p
Australia 1p
U.A.E 15p
Japan 3p
India 1p
Turkey 1p





Country Access Numbers and Rates Lookup

Please select your destination country from the drop down list below to find the latest EazyDial access numbers, and the cost of the call when calling landline or mobile phones. Rates apply all day/everyday so you can ring anytime. 

Using LANDLINE to call:
Access Number:

Country Code:

Cost (per min.)  
Using MOBILE to call:

Access Number:

Country Code:

Cost (per min.)

International Clock

  How to use the Eazydial Service  
1 Dial country Access number (use lookup)  
2 Wait for voice prompt "Welcome to the Xp service..."  
3 Dial Country Code then the local number  
  That is it! Talk away!  


If the information does not appear below the list press Refresh (F5)on your browser or click Here for all costs. To see the cost savings you can make by using the Eazydial service compared to a BT customer for some popular destinations, then please click Examples.


Whatever the international number you are calling, you can be sure the call will be as cheap as advertised. Our low cost calls represent exceptional value for money and allow you to call a loved one for less! Make that call today, the EazyDial way!
















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